A Human Life Is A Sacred Creation

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Amanda Jaramillo ERWC Mr. Millican/ Period 1 06 June 2013 To Respect Choice is to Respect Life A human life is a sacred creation. Each individual existence is unique, bearing its own complexities and challenges, highs and lows. It is something to be respected and something that ought to be granted certain dignities in the eyes of the law. This ideal environment is not a reality in every area of society, however. In the current state of abortion rights, the life of a human being is tossed aside and ignored. The life of a human being is persecuted and deemed worthless by the government that should be protecting it. The rights of a human being are stripped away. In the issue of abortion, the potential life of the fetus is seen as more valuable than the already existing life of the woman. The life of a mother, a daughter, a sister is seen as meaningless if she does not bear a child she has conceived. The rights of a woman over her own body are lost to the fetus growing inside of her. She is seen as a mere container for the child and society is forcing her to fulfill her biological duty even if it is potentially harmful to her personal well-being or happiness. In the current state of abortion rights, a human life is not being given the reverence it deserves and that is the life of the woman. A woman is not an incubator. Rather, she is a human being who has her own life, her own morals, her own hopes and dreams, and if an unplanned pregnancy may threaten her future, she should
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