A Humanist Society Of New Mexico

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What is a humanist? Many people do not think about what defines a humanist. Kurt Vonnegut put it shortly: “Being a Humanist means trying to behave decently without expectation of rewards or punishment after you are dead.” Though it isn 't what anyone will find in Webster 's Dictionary, it is a simple statement that informs the world of what these individuals believe. Humanists feel very strongly about the importance of human life and the utilization of the time you spend on Earth. Fredric March, President of the Humanist Society of New Mexico, describes his opinion of the humanist social agenda as: “…freedom of religion and freedom from religion…” (March 19). He later states that they feel strongly about social equality, secular democracy, and the health of our ecosystem. March also describes investigation of religion. He believes that cognitive science explains all questions unanswered while individuals question what the believe in. While they depend on cognitive science for some religious inquiries, humanists see fault in our political motives and actions (March 16). Nigel Tubbs feels that Capitalism abates the value of each humans life, and stirs greed causing desecration of the natural environment. He believes that citizens are dehumanized by the non-secular government and the needs of of those who are supposed to be served are replaced (Tubbs 478). So how do humanist react to society and other religions? Ryan Kemp’s statements could act as an example of
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