A Hurricane Research Paper

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A hurricane is a large swirling tropical storm with winds that can reach the speed of 70 mph. Hurricanes can blow up yo 119 km per hour which is 74 mph or higher, which is faster than a cheetah, the fastest animal on ground. Next, a hurricane forms over warm ocean water which eventually strike a part of land.. Also, any hurricane that has happened or is predicted to happen will be measured by a scale called a Saffir Simpson scale. A hurricane is caused by mainly two ingredients, the first ingredient is warm ocean water, the second ingredient is high winds that go the same direction as the water and the same speed as the water. Also when a hurricane reaches the top speed and swirls to land it pushes all the water over bored which can lead to flooding, or maybe even death to some people.…show more content…
Lastly the reason hurricanes are named is because on the same day there may be another hurricane happening somewhere else, also because it is not the only hurricane that has ever happened so if they don't name it then they won't know which hurricane is
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