A Hypothetical Scenario to Study Public Health Issues

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Jpz777 05/22/2013 Order # A2096814 The scenario describes a hypothetical incident which involved Marcus Young, a young boy who was hit by a speeding vehicle while riding his bicycle, and his mother Angie Young, who was motivated to seek redress from the city in the form of newly installed safety measures such as speed bumps. Angie was subjected to intense mental anguish when her son Marcus was struck by a speeding driver, initially believing the badly injured boy to dead, before remaining by his bedside through an extended hospital stay and inpatient care process. Marcus suffered a multitude of painful injuries, including "a pelvic fracture, a right leg fracture, a left leg laceration, and a left arm laceration," but he eventually recovers to the point that he is discharged for home care. For his part, Marcus neglected to provide his mother with the full context of his nearly fatal encounter, failing to mention that his own reckless riding and swerving into the street placed him directly into the path of a speeding car. After initially writing to her Congresswoman to lodge her complaints over the street's speed limit, Angie was informed that action on the state level would be unfeasible, and she began to explore the options available to her through the local political process. When she discovered that there were no viable means through which the speed limit could be lowered, Angie circulated a petition in the neighborhood and organized a signature campaign with the goal
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