A Incident Of An Icu Nurse

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Event Description When I look back, one incident strikes in my head. It took place when I used to work as an ICU nurse in one of the most reputed government hospitals in Nepal, my home country. It was night shift so only four of us were in the ward. Then, the telephone rang. It was from a medical ward notifying that one case of arrhythmia got critical so immediately needs to be transferred to the intensive care unit. The problem was we had total eight beds in ICU ward, which was all occupied at that moment. The case arriving was more serious therefore we had to vacate one bed. Without any delay I informed the ICU doctor about the situation. But due to some circumstances he could not come and gave the verbal order to shift one stable patient to other ward. On the one hand I did not have the proper authority on the other it was about patient’s life. Then, I went to one patient, told him about the whole situation, consoled him and eventually transferred him to the observation ward and prepared the bed instantly for the new patient. The new patient was brought from the medical ward. After lying him down on the bed, I tried to make him comfortable and also supplied oxygen, as his oxygen saturation was low. I immediately monitored his vitals (BP, temperature, pulse). His temperature was high around 102.2 degrees Fahrenheit and was also sweating continually. So I gave him paracetamol 500 mg and applied cold sponge to reduce fever. I informed the specialist; he was on his way. By
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