A Integrated Model Of Human Development Essay

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The first chapter of the book The Reciprocating Self, the authors writes about the importance of a integrated model of human development, the author starts by addressing what he calls the “developmental dilemma” which is the fact that developmental theory lacks a guiding teleology, or a philosophical theory. And according to the authors, one of the first barriers to the emergence of a more comprehensive theory of development is the presence of cultural and psychological therapies promoting the existence of an empty self. (p.20) Therefore, especially the American psychotherapist have focus on nurturing individuals who are solely focus on self care and personal fulfillment and satisfaction. The problem with this idea is that in search of personal satisfaction, people have replace God the Creator by the created things that God have made. We humans have dedicated more time self-contemplating who we are, and that have become the basis of who we are, the need to “discover ourselves” instead of trying to discover who God is, and what is his relation to his creation, to humanity. The authors go on to explain the importance of the Trinity, and how we, as creation of the Living God, are meant to be in union with the Trinity. Although the human spirit is different than each other in terms of magnitude, origin and destiny, the human spirit was created to be in union with the Trinity. The author goes on to explain the importance of the human spirit, going as far as saying that “the

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