A Interview About A Day Essay

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Aunt Georgia stood up beside my bed, bended down and kissed my forehead. "I am going to make you some tea and check on your father. Lie down and rest, sweetheart." "Thank you, Aunt Georgia."

After she left my room, I stared at my closed door and cried myself to sleep.


My cell phone rang, waking me up. I had been sleeping for three hours. Not fully awake, I answered my cell. “Hi.” "Hi, Isabel. I am so sorry about earlier. I did not mean to upset you."

There was a long silence before I realized I was talking to Liz. "Are you angry with me still?" Liz asked. "No. I am just confused as to why you chose to show me a website with pictures of Brian with other women." "I...I thought you needed to know." "Why? Why now? What difference does a day, a week or a month makes? I don 't understand. We weren’t a couple when I left Italy." "I thought you needed to know how quickly he was over you.” “Why, Liz?” “He lied to you about Rebecca." "No, he omitted information." "What difference does that make? Omitting something is the same as lying. He is an asshole and you know it. I don 't know why you still have feelings for him."

Suddenly I began to wonder what had Liz so upset. Then, what came to mind was exceedingly unpleasant. "Did something happen between you and Brian? And please don 't try to lie to me, I can always tell when you are lying." "Do you really want to know?" She asked unkindly. I took a deep breath, my body frozen in place. "Please." I whispered.
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