A Interview About Chinese During The World War II

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For this interview, I have Skype my grandfather far away from here in China, since he don’t know how to speak English so we were use Chinese during the whole interview. He was born in 1935 before the World War II and grows up in an instable time era. During this time the economy of China is in a low level and compare to another country that is lag behind. Due to the history in China, the play is much popular than the movies, so there is not much chance for him to watch the movies before 1955. Also, the countryside that he was lived doesn’t even have the electricity at that time. After he leave home and joins the army in 1955, he got a lot of chance to watch the film for free with his teammate in the troop’s playground, which is a outdoor place and they set up with two poles on the ground and a white curtain and small movie machine player; that is how they watch the film in a very simple way. However, he does get the chance to watch the movies during that time and he use to watch movies with my grandmother because that is one of a few entertainment in that small town. Moreover, we have talked about movies that from U.S. According to my grandfather, it is hard to have the chance and get in touch with the foreign film before liberation. After the liberation, he cannot remember which year but he said he dose watch a film that acted by Charles Chaplin and of course that is a black and white movie. In fact, he likes it because the film is so different than the other Chinese film

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