A Interview About Pamir Airways

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Abdulqayum is 57 years old and speaks, reads and writes Dari and Pashtu. Although he claims to not understand English, it appeared that he did understand some of the questions before they were interpreted. He lives in the Parban section of Kabul, has never left Afghanistan and indicated that he will not attend the trial of this matter.

Abdulqayum testified that their “Afghan attorney,” Karima Sadiqi, had a meeting with the U.S. attorneys and that she informed him when his deposition would take place. She did not tell them what questions would be asked or what occurred at her deposition.

The witness’ son, Ahmad Shakib was flying from Kunduz to Kabul with six co-workers from Global on business. His co-workers were Abdul Hamed and Abdul Majoud, Daniel (Saville), Chris (Carter) and their manager.

Abdulqayum testified that they brought the lawsuit against Midwest and Honeywell because those entities were in charge of guiding the plane so that it would not hit the mountains. Although Pamir Airways operated the plane and employed the pilots, he did not feel that it was responsible for the accident and they have not pursued a claim against the airline.

The witness never spoke with the Afghan government or Pamir regarding the accident. He has not read the Afghan government’s report and he did not know that the Afghan government found the pilots to blame for the accident.

Abdulqayum first learned about the accident from a television report that stated that the plane…

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