A Interview And Resume Building Fields

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As a Regional Director one of my main position functions is to recruit, hire and develop talent. Part of the development is getting high potential staff ready for the next level in interviewing. I have incorporated a feedback session for post interview for any internal applicant that interviews with me. I believe that giving them the proper and timely feedback will assist them on working on the areas of concern sooner so that they will be better prepared to relay the information in the next interview. This process has worked well for my employees but I have negated to work on my development when it comes to selling my abilities and being prepared for interviews. As the positions get higher up the corporate ladder, the interviews become more involved and much more professional in conversation. This project will allow me some time to prepare myself both in verbal and written communication. This paper will review my steps and results in the interview and resume building fields.
The CSU career center has link to the Indeed job search website. Indeed is a leader in internet job search engines. Indeed was established in 2004 and “has given job seekers free access to millions of jobs from thousands of company websites and job boards” (Indeed, 2016). Indeed not only searches the United States for positions it is also available in “more than 50 countries and 28 languages, covering 94% of global GDP” (Indeed, 2016). I decided to search for a job that was very…
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