A Interview On A Clinical Mental Health Counselor

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A Personal Interview The purpose of this paper is for me to present a summary of a personal interview had with Heather Smith, a clinical mental health counselor. It will further explore a day to day basis on how working as a clinical mental health counselor, may be. Lastly, it will also reflect my personal reflections about my future as a counselor based on information learned in this course.
Narrative Summary of Interview
On October 26, I had the pleasure of interviewing Heather Smith a clinical mental health counselor. Heather Smith is a licensed clinical mental health counselor in Alexandria Virginia. She specializes in PTSD, Anxiety, Trauma, Marital and Premarital counseling. In addition to these specialties, she also treats disorders such as Dissociative Disorders, Impulse Control disorders, and personality disorders. Ms. Smith also works closely with Women’s issues that include coping skills, sexual abuse, depression, and suicidal ideation. Ms. Smith services a population of clients ranging from adolescents (14-19), to adults as well.
Heather believes the primary differences that separate a clinical mental health counselor and other mental health professionals such as: a social worker and psychologist are due to the type of work they focus on primarily. Although, social workers, and psychologist may counsel clients, the majority may have more in depth specification of study. Social workers are likely to work in case management and psychologist work closely with
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