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These days, all around the world people who have finished their academic courses are facing trouble because of unemployment. South Korea also cannot avoid this situation. In Korea, there is a strange trend. Many young employees try to undergo plastic surgery for their successful interview. However, the most important key to having a nice interview is not your looks but being an attractive interviewee. If you show your reason for applying under the company’s vision, telling your own story and even a nice attitude, then it is possible to say that you describe yourself well and the interviewer will find your appealing.

First of all, when you talk about your reason for applying, you have to consider the vision. Because interviewer wants the applicant who understands applying company well, and who can work in that company right now. Cortfield(2009) points out position of the interviewer and interviewee:
Ideally the person recruited will hit the ground running once in the job, ie be able to start working effectively right from the first day. (…) The employer will be able just to hand over the reins and leave it all up to the new employee to make it all work properly. (paras. 3).
Also, he stresses the importance of the vision in his book; “If you can convey a sense that you can ‘own’ this job and look after the part of the business it concerns, you will come over as a very valuable addition to the organization.” (2009, p.20). Therefore, it is important to reveal your applying…

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