A Interview On A Project On The Corner Of Owen 's Neighborhood Essay

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FACTS: Luke is in a situation that ABC Company has asked him to work on a project to develop a recently purchased land, which is located on the corner of Owen’s neighborhood, to an adult entertainment retail store. Owen, Luke’s brother, has been asked to sell his house at an “okay” price, but is still waiting for a few years for the real estate market improve. As soon as the ABC Company publicly announces the project, Luke knows that will bring down Owen’s neighborhood value significantly, which is one month from today. ISSUE: Should Luke disclose the information about the project or should he keep it confidential? In this particular situation, Luke is facing a difficult ethical issue that he has to either decide between loyalty or trustworthiness. To his company, Luke has an obligation to maintain confidentiality of this project until the company publicly announces. To his brother, Luke needs to be a trustworthy person that Owen can come to and ask for solutions whenever he is needed. If Luke reveals the project to Owen, that will definitely help Owen achieve the highest price for his house, but he will face the company’s investigation and may as well lose his job if the company finds out about the breach. However, on the other hand, Owen may begin to distrust his brother if Luke keeps the secret from him. ANALYSIS – APPLICATION OF ETHICAL LENSES/THEORIES: Golden Rule: One of the ethical methods that Luke can consider is the Golden Rule approach. A general rule of the

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