A Interview On Business Management

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An entrepreneur has to be willing to take risks and overstep boundaries that exist in the business world. Entrepreneurship is not only about creating new business models but also about being innovative and improving on already established structures. Entrepreneur Gary Salomon, co-founder of FASTSIGNS International, demonstrates how essential improvements can make a difference. I decided to interview Mr. Salomon because of the success he was able to establish by being innovative. As a future entrepreneur I want to be able to identify future business ventures that have already been established. My reasoning for this interview was to gain insight of how a small venture can grow to be as large as that of FASTSIGNS. Mr. Salomon successfully identified an industry with growth potential and took the risk to start his own venture. His intention was not to recreate the sign industry as a whole, but to advance the technology being used, as well as, adding professional elements.
Gary Salomon’s Professional Background
Since entering the business world, Mr. Salomon has identified himself as an entrepreneur, and demonstrated his devotion of being self-employed through his own ventures as he stated during our interview.
“…I made an unconscious decision that I would never allow anybody to have that much control over my destiny and my financial well-being.”
He is a Colorado State University graduate, with a degree in Finance. In 1980, Mr. Salomon began his entrepreneurial venture with a…
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