A Interview On Doctor 's Office

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The receptionist called my name and I entered the doctor’s office and for the first time in 12 years I was excited to get my eyesight tested. After the tests, the doctor said that my eye sight had remained same the last couple of years, which could mean that there is a stability of refraction. Also, he said that I could now visit a surgeon for further scans, such as retinal and corneal which are used to decide if surgery was appropriate. I left the clinic excited on being told that I have the initial required eligibility, and it was now time to take the decision on a hospital which could make my life free of glasses.
Dr. Ravi gave me a list of hospitals which according to him were the best. I started searching online for reviews on the list of hospitals, and paid attention to the qualifications of the surgeon, the equipment, and in specific the cost of the entire procedure. I was more worried about the costs since it was my father who was going to bear the expenses.
The Search
The search did not take long as few hospitals on the list had no websites or contact details online. Also, I wanted to make sure that my appointment was made in advance so that I could avoid unnecessary travel as I do not stay in the same town as any of these hospitals. After reading numerous positive reviews on one particular hospital, I decided to make a call on one of the helpline numbers that I found on the website. I noticed a logo and link of their Facebook page at the bottom of the home page,
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