A Interview On Ethical Business Practices

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Interview on Ethical Business Practices
Sturdy ethical business practices represent a trademark of a superior company that an individual may need to assemble and maintain in your developing business. Business ethics apprehends groups or individuals; however, the one who formulate them will be swayed by the background of the company. Therefore, employees must fix on what they believe is the best line of action. Additionally, ethical corporate societal responsibility and behavior can result in a significant advantage to a business. For instance, they may retain employees within the business, lower labor income and thus amplify productivity. Secondly, they appeal to customers to the business products, thus improving profits and sales.
For the ethical business practices interview, I had the preference to interview Nemer Ziyad, the Principal of Ziyad Brothers and Executive Vice President (Allotey, 2008). Ziyad Brothers is among the nation’s largest distributors and importers of Middle Eastern and Mediterranean food yields in the country. Apparently, Nemer is the beneficiary of several awards together with the 2006 Outstanding Achievement Award in Business (AAPBA) and 2011 Award for Community Service (Allotey, 2008). Nemer Brothers importing was formed as Grocery and Syrian Bakery Inc. was established in 1966 by Ibrahim Ziyad and Ahmad. Their business started as a small vend outlet in Chicago south.
According to Nemer Ziyad, ethics is very vital when interacting with the
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