A Interview On Family Nursing Essay

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Family nursing, developed with the intent of improving children’s healthcare, is a shift from the traditional patriarchal method of delivering care to a partnership among family members (Wells, 2011). In order to implement family-centered care, the nurse must explore the dynamics in which the patient’s family operates. A major concern relating to this method of nursing was that nurses simply did not have time to speak with patients’ family members and still complete the tasks they were responsible for (Wright & Leahey, 1999). In response to this concern, Wright and Leahey developed the 15-minute Family Interview.
Application of the 15-Minute Interview
Wright and Leahey describe five key ingredients that make up a successful family interview: “manners, therapeutic conversation, family genogram (and in some situations an ecomap), therapeutic questions, and commendations” (1999, p. 261).
Manners. Hupcey identifies acknowledging the presence of family members, maintaining eye contact, and referring to the patient and family members by name as respectful mannerisms that will positively impact the therapeutic conversation (1998, p. 188). I had met Sadie at church and had some meet and greets during our breaks where I had the opportunity to build rapport with her. In this instance, I asked her if she would allow me to interview her and what time she would prefer to meet. Doing this, I respected her right to decline the interview as well as respected her time. I respected her right
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