A Interview On Florida Hospital

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Florida Hospital was founded in Orlando by the Seventh Day Adventist church in 1908. It is part of a 46-hospital network, with 20 nursing homes and 25 health care agencies extending across 12 states that make up Adventist Health System (AHS). AHS is one of the nation’s largest hospital systems, and is a not-for-profit healthcare organization.
The Florida Hospital name consists of nine campuses within Central Florida. AHS has an additional twenty-eight total campuses throughout Florida that also bear the Florida Hospital name. The nine campuses within central Florida total 2,247 beds and make it the largest single provider of Medicare services in the United States.
Linen utilization is a backstage service that is critical for hospital functioning. There is an awareness deficiency of how much linen loss has an effect on the hospital’s bottom line might make a significant contribution to the improper use of linen. Clinical and significant healthcare support service staffs are in the front-line of linen utilization and would therefore be the appropriate representative to disclose how they see the linen leaving the hospital, how the current process may be improved, and what additional training would be effective. However, there has been limited attention or resources invested for its proper functioning which heightened the team’s interest to tap possible improvement opportunities.
Florida Hospital has a central laundry system for the processing of their linens.
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