A Interview On Palmetto Health Baptist

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Palmetto Health Baptist service more beginning mothers and their babies than any hospital in the Midlands. Palmetto offers loving and compassionate care to their patients to provide them with educational, spiritual, and emotional needs. Also, Palmetto Health Baptist developed a family like atmosphere so that each family member feels important, while waiting for their new addition to the family. The birthplace includes: labor, delivery, surgical area, and both a high risk and recovery unit. I was lucky to get a quick appointment through a classmate I had last semester in my class, who currently is employed there. My interview was set for April 22, 2016. Mrs. Jones and I met up and I was able to follow her to the facility two hours before her scheduled shift. Palmetto Health Baptist is a big staff working hospital. This hospital is great to work for and not just for pediatric nurses but also for other health science majors. Palmetto Hospital has the greatest dedicated staff, making sure your questions are answered and your concerns are worriless. My interview was with Lakysha Jones, a pediatric nurse at Palmetto Health Baptist in Columbia, SC. Among the different sections in the hospital Lakysha and are were on the birth center floor. Palmetto is responsible for providing a wide range of health throughout their facility. Specifically, the birth center consists of labor, delivery, a recovery unit, private birthing rooms, etc. Palmetto has 2,300 team members and 740 medical

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