A Interview On Patient Care

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Introduction- Patient care is a very big hospital private hospital in a large city. This hospital has 1200 beds and about 4000 employees are working in the hospital including 50 patient carers. The job of the cares is very straightforward. This job doesn 't require any kind of special training. The job of the carers is to move patient from one location to another location. Carers always take the patients who are being discharged from their hospital room to the front of the hospital. Hence the carers play last role in the hospital. There are 40 carers are working in this hospital in which about 66% are men and remaining are women.many of them are high school graduates in there early 20s. There are 2 shifts in the hospital. Most of the…show more content…
At the last supervisor give training to carers. Critical evaluation- As given in the case the age of the carers is around 20. So the carers are not fully matured. So In this age these carers are doing both work i.e job as well as their study. And they attend their college in night. So this hectic schedule of their daily work can be affect on mental health. Hence sometimes carers might be behave rude with the patients. As these carers are students and they are working in the hospital because they need to pay their college fees. Hence they are not able to give their 100 % contribution in the job. Person environment theories can be applicable on this issue. Person-environment fit theories propose that positive responses occur when individuals fit or match the environment. But in this hospital case most of the carers are students hence they might bot be fit in hospital 's environment. For example, PE fit theories and of vocational choice propose that higher levels of satisfaction and mental and physical well being will occur when there is good fit between person and the environment (e.g Davies & Lofquist, 1984; Holland, 1997). Extensive research supports the proposition that individuals are satisfied with and adjust most easily to jobs that are congruent with their own career relevant personality types(Spokane, 1985; Tinsley,2000). The notion of PE is conceptualised as a general term, under which fall more specific notions of fit.
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