A Interview On Press Releases And Out's Of A Press Release

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If you are a Public Relations Professional, you know the in’s and out’s of a press release. If you are not affiliated with Public Relations, or PR, you have probably never heard of such a thing. Press releases are one of the first writing styles aspiring PR practioners learn because it is used the most. The press, people within a business, and others who are curious about a company’s current events, are all possible audiences for a press release. Releases usually relay noteworthy events or are issued to establish a company’s position on a certain matter. There are many uses for press releases and they are employed by a variety of businesses, which is why they are so important to learn. Every business wants the public to know the good things they are doing and they also need an avenue, from the company, to correct any grievances they may face. Being able to produce their own statements and generate their own stories is crucial to the success of a business. If no one hears about what a business does, no one will know about said business. Being able to promote their own events gives the company creditability, as they are able to back up their mission statement with evidence of what they are doing to fulfill it. The press can use the same press release a company writes as their own article which further improves a businesses’ creditability because people believe a third party verifies the integrity of a story. Press Releases are one of the main avenues company’s employ to…

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