A Interview On Press Releases And Out's Of A Press Release

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If you are a Public Relations Professional, you know the in’s and out’s of a press release. If you are not affiliated with Public Relations, or PR, you have probably never heard of such a thing. Press releases are one of the first writing styles aspiring PR practioners learn because it is used the most. The press, people within a business, and others who are curious about a company’s current events, are all possible audiences for a press release. Releases usually relay noteworthy events or are issued to establish a company’s position on a certain matter. There are many uses for press releases and they are employed by a variety of businesses, which is why they are so important to learn. Every business wants the public to know the good…show more content…
Every press release follows a specific template to distinguish it from any other form of writing. They are usually not longer than two pages, and even that is a particularly long release. A press release is designed to get entice the reader, inform them, and leave them wanting to know more about the organization the article was written about. With this mindset, the release should not be terribly long because then you will loose the reader. The headline of the release needs to catch people’s attention. Headlines are why people read the article, and they should accurately display what it is about in a short, sweet, one line phrase. After the headline, the most important part of the press release is the first paragraph; everything after that is simply added information. Right away the reader should know who, what, where, why, and when the event the article is about occurs. They will know what is important after the first paragraph, and will keep reading if they are interested or will discontinue doing so while still having absorbed the important information. This style of writing is termed top-down or pyramid and refers to the most important information being first, and the less important and more elaborated information towards the end. In our fast paced society, it is hard to get reader’s to slow down and fully read an article. Because of this, top-down style is very important because if a reader does not have the time or will to read the whole release,
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