A Interview On The Health Of Nurse Practitioner Faculties

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APN Leader Interview Nursing is a profession that requires individuals to be skilled and knowledgeable in several different arenas. From the use of science in order to apply theories and research into practice, to using critical thinking and advocating for the improvement of healthcare, the Advanced Practice Nurse (APN) must be able to integrate these skills into practice. This paper will review the competencies set forth by the National Organization of Nurse Practitioner Faculties (NONPF). In order to better grasp how an APN implements the use of such competencies, an interview has been conducted with a leader in the profession. This interview was done in person with the use of a tape recorder while the interviewer took notes. To better understand just how instrumental these competencies are to the profession, the APN student must be able to see how it is used in everyday practice by one who is already working as an APN. APN students can review materials concerning the competencies needed; however, the student is able to have a better grasp of the role of the APN by becoming aware of how one in the profession applies these competencies in the real world. NONPF Core Competencies The NONPF Core Competencies are guidelines in which nurse practitioner education is based on. The NONPF (2011) states that “the student’s ability to show successful achievement of the NONPF competencies for NP education is of greater value than the number of clinical hours the student
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