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Eighty-six and a half years old, Caucasian man, “J.M.” graciously agreed to take part in this aging and systems interview. The interview was conducted in J.M.’s studio room of his home where his life’s work hangs on the walls and books, articles, awards, and family pictures surround him. This studio is also where J.M. spends a lot of time researching different topics of interest on the internet, working on art at his table and sending funny e-mails to his family. He lives in a cozy, eco-friendly, single story home with his companion, my grandmother, and their two rescue dogs. As the interview starts J.M. is smiling, laughing, and making sure his oxygen is on; (he has no lung reserve). J.M. was diagnosed with pulmonary hypertension, emphysema, cardiomyopathy with aortic pulmonic tricuspid, and also suffers with arthritis. He was given six months to live two years ago. J.M. is on a three times a day schedule of multiple medicines and relies on his daily two hour nap to recharge. His breathing greatly limits his activities. He once swam, biked, and walked all in the same day; now just the acts of getting up to plug in his razer and to sit down takes a significant toll on his strength. J.M. complains of his arms and legs not working as they once did and pulling muscles in his back more often, which at times can be debilitating. J.M. mentions residual damage from a fall years ago from scaffolding eighteen feet high in which he fell and landed on his back on concrete. He jokes
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