A Interview On The School Of Secondary Curriculum

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The following interview took place on August 28, 2015 from 3:00 PM to 4:00 PM with the Pennsylvania Cyber Charter School’s Director of Secondary Curriculum (7-12), Christine Crow; with the discussion itself focusing on the Eight Hallmarks of Curriculum Quality.
Hallmark 1: Structure and deliver the curriculum so that it facilitates the mastery of essential skills and knowledge of the subjects. Ms. Crow and I discussed PA Cyber’s two varying functionalities of meeting the needs of our diverse range of students. Ms. Crow described the variation between the offering of Virtual and Blended courses. Virtual courses provide daily or synchronous learning experiences similar to what students would receive in the traditional brick and mortar setting. Blended courses provide an asynchronous model of learning where students work independently and take part in live sessions with teachers once per week.
Students of either model of learning are subjected to lessons which are aligned to state standards with PSSA and Keystone related courses focus on eligible content, assessment anchors, and all auxiliary standards. Virtual instructors have the ability to remediate, personalize, and customize their courses to meet the needs of their students where Blended teachers can provide supplemental labs, discussion boards, and podcasts; all instructors are guided by scope and sequence documents.
Hallmark 2: Structure the curriculum so that it is closely coordinated.
Ms. Crow stressed PA Cyber’s
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