A Interview On The Sleep Disorder Institute ( Sdi )

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Maor Mashiach Interview Write-Up #1 Mrs. Trombetta BQ: What is sleepwalking? Language Arts 8 1/26/15 Introduction • Gary Zammit • Doctor • 12 years in the Sleep Disorder Institute (SDI) in NYC. • 5:30-6:00 January 28, 2015. Telephone interview • Gary is a CEO and leading expert in sleep disorders. 1) Are there any new technologies that can prevent or treat sleepwalking? I am not aware of any new technologies that are available to prevent or treat sleepwalking. There are some different forms of sleepwalking. Sleepwalking occurs in very deep sleep early in the night, and some of it is disorganized. There are other forms of sleepwalking that are more organized and have a purpose. For example, sleep eating is a disorder when people get out of bed and consume food during their sleep. But for all of those various forms of sleepwalking, we do not have any new or novel technologies that prevent or treat sleepwalking? 2) Is there a treatment for this disorder? Well sleepwalking is more common in kids and as children age and get into their teen years and adulthood, it is more common that sleepwalking goes away by itself. So it’s kind of self-limiting for most people but not everyone. For kids and adults who sleepwalk the best thing to do is to gently guide the sleepwalker back into bed and that is what takes care of it. Very often, they will stay asleep in bed and that is what takes care of it. So you don’t want to startle a sleepwalker and you don’t want to shake

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