A Interview On Therapeutic Communication Of Older Adults

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Overview of Interview For this visit summary, I have interviewed a 90-95-year-old assisted living resident that will be re-named Joyce for the purpose of this paper. Before constructing the interview, I was very excited and anxious to meet the resident I was interviewing for the first time. Upon arrival, I was put to ease once meeting a genuine elderly woman in the lobby that was just as excited to meet me for the first time. When reflecting on the interview I am glad to have had prior knowledge on therapeutic communication of older adults. I had seemly used all of the tips that the book had highlighted. These tips include attentive listening, authentic presence, clarifying, keeping focus, and providing intervals of silence (Touhy & Jett, 2016, p. 67). The most important piece of communication with Joyce was providing silence for her to gather her thoughts in response to my questions. During the first interview she had told me that she forgot to put her hearing aids in because she did not like to wear them. If she was unable to hear me she would ask me to repeat the question and then she would pause in silence gathering her thoughts to see if she heard me correctly. The missing hearing aids was a communication barrier in our interviewing process. Since I was aware that she was not wearing her hearing aids, I made sure I was placed directly in front of Joyce when talking and was looking at her as I spoke. Joyce’s Prospective As I had previously mentioned, Joyce had seemed
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