A Interview With A Medical Director Of The Spatium Borough Hospital

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After Surina had put away her groceries in her new kitchen, she searched the recently updated online address book containing both the street and electronic addresses of the new arrivals from Earth. In fact, Alfonso lived with his parents only minutes away in neighboring Seneca Square on Maple Street. She sent him a message immediately, and they agreed to meet at his house the next afternoon for lunch. The rest of the day, she spent unpacking her seven boxes from Earth and settling into her new home.
Her second morning on Gnaritus dawned as both a rainy and foggy day that together added an extra layer of vigor to the cold brisk air. The hazy light of the three suns barely managed to peak through the thick stratum of clouds that even blotted out the rings of Spes. An eerie silence shrouded Huron Square as Surina left for the Spatium Borough Hospital. Due to the indelible mark left by her previous encounter with a Medical Director on Earth, she regarded her forthcoming meeting with the Medical Director of the Spatium Borough Hospital circumspectly. She passed other Gnaritonians who emerged wraithlike in their trench coats from the thick fog as if out of nowhere. Despite the inclement weather, they greeted each other good-naturedly from under their black umbrellas, warming up the chill in the air considerably. At Seneca Square, she turned right onto Cypress Tree Lane along which were the gleaming slate gray graphene buildings of the Spatium Borough Hospital compound.…
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