A Interview With A Nurse Leader Interview

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Nurse Leader Interview Being a leader in the profession of nursing requires pride and dedication to the nursing career path. This is why I decided to conduct my interview with Pamela Prefontaine, a leader in the nursing field. Prefontaine graduated from Bellin School of Nursing in 1982. She then went on to get her Bachelor of Science in Nursing in 1990 from the University of Wisconsin Green Bay. Prefontaine then graduated from the Milwaukee School of Engineering in 2009 with a master’s degree in medical informatics. Prefontaine was the team leader of pediatrics at Bellin from 2001-2007. She has also been a team leader of a medical and surgical floor at Bellin also. Furthermore, Prefontaine was also the assistant director of the NICU at Saint Vincent’s Hospital. She currently is a consultant for informatics. Budget Process Budgeting is extremely important for the nurse leader. Furthermore, the budgeting process of the hospital is very important to look at. According to Prefontaine, a couple months before budget was due, she would estimate where it would be spent. The planning process includes three major categories: major medical equipment, minor medical equipment, and employees. Major medical equipment is any larger equipment the hospital would use. An example would be how many more beds the hospital needed. The team leader is also responsible for finding quotes on how much these items would cost. Minor medical equipment is basically anything other than the large medical
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