A Interview With A Vision And Communicating It At Birmingham City Church

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As part of this module the author carried out a 15 minute interview with a church leader on the topic of: Gaining a vision and communicating it to those you are leading. This paper will first explain how the author developed the questionnaire and provide a rationale as to why they chose these particular questions. This paper will then evaluate the interviewee’s perspectives in light of published sources. Finally the author will reflect on his own experience of, and attitude towards this chosen topic.

The Interview The interviewee was Pastor Mark Ryan, the Senior Minister at Birmingham City Church (BCC). I have been an active member of BCC working closely with Ryan as a member of his team. Therefore, through experience, I know Ryan to be a visionary leader and believe that his insight into this topic will be crucial for my development as a future leader. Consequently, through research of this topic, I was then able to construct a questionnaire that would provoke a greater awareness of Ryan’s experience of visionary leadership.

Gaining a Vision In this section the paper will look at the actual process of gaining a vision. Ryan believes that vision comes out of deep convictions, an awareness of scripture and some encounters with God. Barna agrees and further stresses that it would be impossible for a leader to know God’s vision for their ministry without them first cultivating a deep and personal relationship with the Lord. Conversely, Williams presents a…
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