A Interview With A Woman 's Relationship With Her Husband

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I interviewed a 36 years old woman who had been abuse in a relationship. Her name is Crisleidy. She was born in Cuba. She has two kids and she got married in Cuba. Crisleidy came to the United State with her husband and two kids 4 years ago. Her husband was the only one that had a job in the house. Crisleidy used to be a housewife. She had to stay home taking care of the kids. She didn’t have a job because her husband didn’t want her to work. Crisleidy husband “Jorge” used to beat her when he told her to do some things and she doesn’t do it. Whenever she asked Jorge for money to buy something she likes for herself, he slapped her and disrespected her. He didn’t like when Crisleidy asked him for money because he was the only one that was paying the bills in the house. Her being in an abuse relationship with her husband was like being locked in a prison, tied up and unable to speak. He threatened to kill her and the kids a lot of times. But, she didn’t do anything about it because she always thought that she deserved it. When her husband gets angry, he knocked her down, shakes her, and pushed her into walls. Every time Jorge reacted like that with Crisleidy in front of the kids they will cried until their father stop beating her. After his behavior he apologized to Crisleidy then he said that “it’s because he loves her”. She used to pull up with her husband behavior because she used to love him and she couldn’t take care of the kids. She was not…
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