A Interview With Abdulla Kamel

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I started the interview with Abdulla Kamel, who is known as Tony, my wonderful spouse, as when he was in the backyard mowing the lawn, with the cigarette hanging on his lips, appearing much stressed out. About two months ago, Tony never needed to do any yard work. He does it now because he recently bought his first house. Being his wife, I occasionally find it is difficult to believe that my husband has changed drastically from an irresponsible young bachelor into a family man who trying to be better every day. This house is Tony’s motivation to work harder and save money. For example, he used to take the cars to the dealer for oil changes. However, in order to limit unnecessary cost, he will work on the cars himself for basic maintenance. He enjoys fixing or doing any work on cars because he just simply loves cars so much. Besides cars, Tony also loves sports; his all-time favorite football team is the Chicago Bears and he has been a big fan of the Bears since he was only six years old. Tony was born in 1979 in Vietnam, which was only four years after the Vietnam War ended. Tony’s father was lucky enough to work for the Embassy of the United States of America in Vietnam, so Tony’s family had a chance to emigrate to America in February 1984. During one of the big snow storm that was recorded in history, The Kamel’s family arrived in Albany Park, Chicago.
Albany Park is the place where Tony’s family began their life in America. It was a poor

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