A Interview With Dr. Roseman

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An Interview with Dr. Roseman
Leadership has been examined and defined by several theorists through the generations. The Webster dictionary defines the word as followed, “a guide, conductor; a person who directs a military force or unit, a person who has commanding authority or influence…” This paper will provide other viewpoints summarized by various theorists. The main purpose is to review the interview conducted with Dr. Marilyn Roseman, the head of the education department of Mount Aloysius College, and analyze what leadership model she seems to follow.
Leadership Theories Six styles of leadership are going to be examined in this paper; transactional, transformational, servant, charismatic, contingency, and strategic.
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Servant Servant leadership breaks the tradition of top down leadership. According to Schwartes (2015), there are ten characteristics an effective servant leader should follow. The effective leader utilizes active listening and thoughtful responses with their followers. They use empathy; they listen without demonstrating judgement. The environment should be safe and the leader should feel that they are a whole person. The leader is aware of the surroundings; they are the expert in their environment. The leader utilizes persuasion and conceptualization; the followers are free to express their thoughts without repercussions and that problems will be solved proactively. The leader also demonstrates a commitment to their community by showing that they serve the overall need of the servants and environment.
The charismatic leadership model is similar to the transformational style of leadership; they focus on treating the followers as a whole person that is a vital part of the organization. The leader will be proactive with problems and find solutions before the problems arise. They will assess the situation, identify the possible problems, analyze the environment for solutions, and verbalize the plan to the team members to produce an effect of on boarding. The leadership model is said to be effective based on the fact that the leader is building on self esteem and self worth issues from the
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