A Interview With Peg Breeding

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There will always be two thing guaranteed in life, death and taxes. Now the first part, no one can really help you with that. But part two, that is where certified public accountants come to the rescue. CPAs are trusted financial advisors who help people, business, and other organizations plan ahead to the future so they can reach their financial goals. Whether financial reporting, internal auditing, or yes, review tax returns, CPAs are a key cog in the financial area of businesses to make sure that they are running smoothly, efficiently, and legally. For my interview, I was granted an interview with Peg Breeding, a CPA with over 20 years of experience in both the corporate world and at her own practice. The point of the interview was to…show more content…
She responded right away saying that she would be happy to help and we set up an interview for the next night at her house. After arriving and settling in, we started the interview. When asked about her education, Peg told me she graduated the University of Texas at Arlington with a bachelor’s in Business Administration, but stay for her master’s degree, since it wasn’t really seen as a requirement back then. Next, I asked her to speak about her prior work experience, to which she responded by telling me that after college, she got her CPA certification and went to work as a public accountant for Ernst & Young, then a Big 8 firm. After a few years, she met her husband Tom and got married. Since he was working at Dell at the time and located in Plano, she left her Ft. Worth job at Ernst and Young and got a job with GrandMet as a public accountant for one of their companies, Pearle Vision. While she said she loved her job, driving back and forth from Highland Park (where her job was based) each day, plus all the travel she had to do all of the country to do audits for the company started to take its toll. So she left GrandMet and was hired at Electronic Data Systems (EDS, former Fortune 100 company) as a corporate accountant. She said she enjoyed her time there, but in 2009 with a buyout looming at EDS, she went on the job hunt again. Citing her want to spend more time with her kids and her need for a balanced life, she left the corporate world at opened up her own practice
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