A Interview With The Criminal Justice System

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Women are an increasingly visible segment of the prison population confined in not just Amderican prsions but also prisons worldwide. Their numbers are increasing at such a rate that far outstrips even the remarkable rate of growth among incarcerated men. In a interview with the Independent, Carol Hedderman, professor of criminology at the University of Leicester, said “looking at the growing number of women in jail could eventually help lower the prison population overall” (Branagh, 2010). In response to the growing number of female imprisonment in this assignment I will analyise the key weaknesses in the criminal justice system stating why women end up in prisons, and when they do what disadavatages to they face by being in the system. There are a number of factors that I will discus such as the dispersal of prisons and how they result to isolation the women inmates face, how the system deals with mothers with new born or children on a whole. Also how gender inequality plays a key role in the prisons and finally I will disucss other methods of punishements for women which control the over crowded women population and can help improve the criminal justice process.

Gender Inequality
Bastick and Townhead(2008) argue that women prisoners are discriminated at every stage of prison life, including decisions as to pre-trial detention,opportunities for education and employment and healthcare. Which supports the key notion that women have been placed in a prison system that…
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