Essay on A.J. Ayer: The Elimination of Metaphysics

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The Elimination of Metaphysics

Are the ideas of Metaphysics truly something that should be abandoned? Should we no longer think about that which is beyond our scope of reality, and simply trust that which we know to be true, or even false, just so long as either can be shown to be empirically verifiable? According to the readings from the excerpts of A.J. Ayer's book Language, Truth, and Logic one would be forced to agree that Metaphysics should be abandoned as a form of philosophy. Ayer uses may different backings to let forth his opinions on the ideas of metaphysics; using the very sentences that metaphysical philosophers write against them, and showing that if an idea cannot be formed through that which we can readily, or
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The same ways that we gain tautologies, it seems that these metaphysicians intend to gain insight into the transcendental world. How is it though that someone could empirically gain evidence or even an idea that could be shown as not only true or false, but even as legitimate when the subject transcends that which goes beyond the human realm of knowledge?

It seems that Ayer believes that the basic argument put forth is the previous paragraph does not extensively pursue the act of tearing down the argument for metaphysics enough. Ayer concludes that, " One cannot overthrow a system of transcendent metaphysics merely by criticizing the way in which it comes to being. What is required is rather a criticism of the nature of the actual statements which comprise it." It in fact seems simple to say that any reality that seems to go beyond that of a physical world is merely devoid of connotation. Ayer goes on to explain that the principle of verifiability must be used as a criterion to determine whether or not a statement is meaningful. In order to be considered meaningful said statement must be of analytical or empirically verifiable background.

Tautologies play a large role in Ayer's views on the metaphysical ideas of those who he strives to educate into understanding that their views do not make rational sense. A

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