A.J.P Taylor on the Causes of World War II

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Many authors have laid emphasis on the fact that Hitler was the only one responsible for the outbreak of war. However as A.J.P. Taylor said in his account on the origins world war II that the outbreak of ‘was “implicit” since the moment when the first war ended, because of the failure of that war either to satisfy German ambitions or to crush them completely’ (Henig, 1991). In this paper we will discover how events in the aftermath of World War I led to the outbreak of the Second World War.
In 1918, when all allied and allies, specially Germany, could not continue war due to lack of military forces, a first peace settlement was proposed by the U.S president, Wilson Woodrow: ‘All the belligerents planned for a short war-in which victory was to be achieved by the immediate commitment of all available forces-because they could not conceive how they could survive a long one’ (Howard, 1989). All the countries agreed to stop the war and to abide ‘mostly’ to the fourteen point, also known as the armistice, proposed by Woodrow. This armistice was meant to stop war. One among the fourteen points required Germany to evacuate German occupied territories on the western front within two weeks. Germany found itself obliged to abide as he was in no condition to continue war. The formal peace treaty was signed at Versailles the following year. The Versailles treaty had been debated at the peace conference in Paris with many diplomats from the allied powers, the ‘Big Three’ that is the head
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