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The novel A Jar of Dreams, by Yoshiko Uchida, is a multicultural book that is based on a Japanese and American culture. The setting of this book is set in California during the Depression, the time period where there were many prejudice against Japanese people. Rinko Tsujimura is an eleven year old girl. Since she is Japanese American, she is usually left out and made feel different by her classmates. Therefore, Rinko desperately tries to hide her Japanese culture by staying invisible, quiet, and ashamed. The story opens with Rinko telling us the story of her and her family’s life changing summer thanks to one small lady, her Aunt Waka. Aunt Waka is Rinko’s mother’s sister and is visiting California for the first time. Aunt Waka is very…show more content…
Rinko suggested her father to go to “Tanomoshi, the Mutual Finance Association the Japanese people organized to help each other. Everybody puts in some money each month, and then they can borrow from the fun when they need money since none of the banks will give them loans.” (Page 25) Places like Japanese Language School and Tanomoshi are important artifacts that go hand in hand with the setting of the book. Since Rinko already gets picked on just looking Japanese, she wants to be as far away from her Japanese culture as she can. Therefore, she doesn’t study well or even try at the Japanese Language School. Tanomoshi, the Mutual Finance Association, is a place the Japanese community formed to help one another since other banks discriminate against them. These artifacts are used to remind readers the setting of the time period when stereotypes and discrimination against Japanese people were very openly expressed. Yoshiko Uchida has an insider perspective to this novel. Her parents were Japanese immigrants and Yoshiko was second-generation Japanese American, born in the United States. When she was about 20 years old, Japanese attacked the naval base at Pearl Harbor in

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