A Jerney in to the Deaf World

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Chapter notes:

Chapter Notes from Journey Into Deaf-World

Chapter 1

Chapter one is basically an introduction to the issues that are discussed throughout the book. Chapter one introduces all the people that are constantly referred to throughout the book. Ben Bahan is the narrator and introduces us to Jake Cohan, Laurel Case, Roberto Rivera and Henry Byrne. Ben is a CODA, Child Of Deaf Adults, and like many CODA’s tried to stray from the deaf community be was eventually drawn back to it. He is currently teaching at the only deaf college called
Galludet University. Each of these characters describes there lives growing up deaf from when they became deaf, to how their parents reacted, to how they feel about it now. Jake describes himself
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Their reaction is usually different. Many are driven by doctors to fix their child’s deafness. Whether it is through hearing aids, surgery, audiologists, speech therapy, using teachers that are trained in children with disabilities. The child grows up thinking something is wrong with them. Sadly hearing parents don’t realize that Deaf parents raise their Deaf children successfully with out many of these expensive services.

A lot of frustration and stress builds because the parents cannot communicate properly with their child. Hearing parents often say that they were never informed of the many options that Deaf parents in the Deaf-World use with their child. Such as early use of ASL, hiring Deaf baby-sitters and day caretakers.

Having spent months on an emotional roller coaster some parents refuse to accept the diagnosis that their child is Deaf. They are in denial that may last for years. Some go so far as placing their Deaf child (whom they view as just having a hearing-impairment) in programs designed for hearing children who have disabilities. This delays the start of effective educational programming and the Deaf child’s academic achievement is likely to reflect the delay.

Many young Deaf children cling to their hearing mothers excessively. There is almost no meaningful communication. The interaction between parent and child becomes more the relation of teacher to pupil.

A survey at one school for the Deaf
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