A Jewel Through The Decades : The Sapphire

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A Jewel through the Decades: The Sapphire

Izaic Yorks
Comm 489: ISS Black Cultural Studies
March 4, 2015

You know what I can’t stand for? I cannot stand it when black women talk, now hold on. You know exactly what I mean, they’re angry, hell hath no fury like a black woman, and yes indeed I cannot stand it. I cannot stand it when black women speak in media portrayals. They take the perfectly decent image of women and warp their blackness and gender into something that’s cancerous and embarrassing. In this short essay we will explore how the image of the Sapphire has been preserved in the media (specifically film) despite the apparent strides in black rights. To understand this though we have to look to two planes of realities, blackness and gender. To understand how they are interlinked we must understand the individual properties and repercussions blackness/gender have had separately. Then we can infer the devastating effect the two have mixed together…
In tackling this subject we will: 1.) Examine the Sapphire first as a result of blackness A.) Come to a common agreement on the definition of the namesake: Sapphire B.) Explore the roots of the Sapphire paradigm C.) The Sapphires transition into widespread highly consumed media format. 2.) Look at the Sapphire as a result of sexism A.) Shortly explore the sexism problem in the patriarchal society of the United States B.) Examine how sexism is subtly embedded in culture
3.) Finally integrating the two…
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