A Job Interview Questionnaire

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JOB INTERVIEW 7 Job interview 1. Please describe how you or your teams directly supported the Engineering product development process. Please list the most important technologies supported. The IT department is an influential department in the company as it enables the organization to utilize technology. The use of technology in the organization is aimed as cutting the cost associated with making the product and making the work easier for the workers. The IT department is also valued for its ability to improve on efficiency and consistency in the organization. As an IT director, my major role is to ensure that the IT department is efficient and its interactions with other departments are productive. The IT department is responsible for maintenance and upgrading of the IT infrastructure in the organization to ensure that it is running efficiently. Product development refers to the production of a new product in the organization or modification of an existing product to improve the organizations position in the market. The IT department is involved in the process of product development as it provides relevant technologies in the process. One of the technologies involved in the production process is the data collection technologies. Design of a new product requires the organization to evaluate the market for the market data. The IT department interacts with the marketing department to evaluate customer needs (Ribbens, 2000). The IT department also contributes to product
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