A Joint Venture Between Esso And Mobil

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Pak Stanvac a joint venture between Esso/Mobil in 1957 decided to explore the Mari Gas field near the district of Daharki (a remote area located in Upper Sindh province of Pakistan). Due to the rich elements found, in 1964 Esso decided to construct a Urea plant, which subsequently led to the emergence of Esso Pakistan Fertilizer Company Limited. The company had a 75%-25% ownership, split between Esso & the general public respectively. In 1968 the now known as the world largest Urea plant began its production. With an annual production capacity of 173,000 tons valued at US $43 million it was the single largest foreign investment by a multinational corporation in Pakistan at the time. In 1978 as part of its international name changing…show more content…
The 220MW power plant is the only green facility in the country that uses permeate gas to reduce carbon emission. “This project is very unique in a way that it utilizes high sulphur gas, which was being flared through Qadirpur Gas Field for almost a decade. This energy conservation idea showed the waste gas a right path to burn” (SS Nabi, 2015, pers. comms., 11 March). Using the lowest quality gas to produce electricity has allowed Engro Powergen Qadirpur Limited to be able to earn high revenues. “This is a 1 + 1 + 1 configuration dual fuel fired combined cycle power plant with a 123 MW Gas T Turbine, 400 tons/hour Heat Recovery Steam Generator and 110 MW Steam Turbine.”

Being located in Qadirpur it supplies power to WAPDA (Water and Power Development Authority) a company owned and operated by the local government, to help the country overcome its energy crisis. Through the sale of electricity it earned a total profit of PKR. PKR. 2,100,719, PKR. 1,458,344 and PKR. 1,552,933 in 2012, 2013 and 2014 respectively (amounts in thousands).

Pakistan is blessed with natural resources with coal being one of the top elements on the list. In 2009 in-order to efficiently use the ample coal reserves in the Thar Desert and to meet Pakistan’s power generation needs and impel economic development a joint venture between the Government of Sindh and Engro Powergen Limited (EPL)
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