A Journal on of Mice and Men

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Chapter 1 The opening sequence of events, which introduces us to George and Lennie indeed gives the impression that the larger Lennie, suffers from some form mental disability. He is the exact antithesis is the character of George, a small man, with sharp features, who seems to be close friend and confidant to Lennie. In addition to this, George also seems to be greatly concerned with Lennie's safety and well-being. Furthermore, it seemed to me that the two have had a long-time close companionship, or, that George owes Lennie some type of allegiance, as George seems to have suffered at the expense of Lennie as is evident from the previous job. Chapter 2 In this chapter, it became clear to me how difficult the work at the ranch…show more content…
I truly enjoyed this novel. Although the characters may have been quite one-dimensional, I believe this was necessary for Steinbeck to characterize the various dangers of the world. Furthermore, the idea of "survival of the fittest" is indeed quite evident, as the weak prey on the weaker. One instance of this is when Crooks, a man handicapped by his race, reduces Lennie to tears, after preying on his mental handicap. This was the first work of Steinbeck that I have read, and I enjoyed his style. Despite its seeming predictability, I felt that the message it attempted to convey was important, that the world preys on the weak, and that oppression and suffering are directly related to some of our innate human

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