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A Journey Comparative Book Essay “A new dawn has broken, has it not?” Tony Blair states as the day began of his 1997 General Election Victory. Tony Blair ended two decades of Conservative Party rule campaigning for New Labour. A Journey by Tony Blair accounts for his time as Labour leader and Prime Minister of Great Britain. As Tony Blair states in the introduction of the book, his biography is not a memoir. It is instead Blair 's personal reflection of history occurring around his surroundings during his term. Tony Blair is depicted here as not only a politician, but as a family man, explaining some events not occurring in his political life, but greatly affecting it in some way. Tony Blair’s first hand account during his time as Prime…show more content…
Following the funeral, the Queen informs Blair that lessons must be learned from the way things are handled. Tony Blair interactions with the Queen are not always politically, very often, they are social, thus improving the view of the head of government and strengthening the belief of the “Constitution of the Crown”. Another crucial moment of his prime ministership was his role during the Northern Ireland PEace Agreement. Blair recalls his childhood vacations in Ireland, where his mother and grandmother will tell him stories, even advising against marrying a Catholic. This was all due to the Religious Cleavages. The IRA also began to try bombing Britain out of Northern Ireland. The Northern Ireland Peace Agreement devolved the legislative powers of the Westminister to the Northern Ireland Executive. Though this treaty was extremely beneficial, the passing of this treaty involved, “a certain amount of creative ambiguity” and there were often some stretching of the truth. Tony Blair’s execution of politics isn’t necessarily politically correct. HOwever, he always completes his tasks and this ‘deceit ‘ of his tends to greatly increase legitimacy among the United Kingdom. Many of Blair’s crucial moments in his prime ministership helped improve his image amongst the media, whereas some events did not. Tony Blair’s was very active on the international stage. Even to opposing parties, Blair was

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