A Journey Of A Story

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Aboard this journey of a story, we will be making many stops along what my life has come to be. We will start with my birth naturally, and move forward towards the present day. The journey may not be normal, average, or even outstanding for that matter, however these are the conditions that have molded my being. In the paragraphs to come, we will start with my early childhood, then make a stop at my adolescent years, and finally arriving at my adulthood. So here goes my attempt to hastily summarize one’s life to a mere two pages. Just prior to my birth, my mother was engaged to be married, however she broke off the marriage due physical abuse by my biological father. It is therefore, that I was born to a single parent (mother), and…show more content…
For example, if I had any unused ketchup/mustard on my plate after a meal, that in itself would be my next meal, because it was said to be otherwise wasteful. I was taught right and wrong ways to do anything and everything, mostly from my grandfather. At a very early age (two-three years old), I became particularly found of anything that could go into the atmosphere and beyond. Instead of watching cartoons like a normal child, I would prefer to watch documentaries; I would go into video stores and ask for the “real movies.” My happiest memories up until ten years of age, are of reading and watching about real world history, events, and the how the future would be molded by aerospace revolutionaries. The rest of my childhood was rather normal, compared to other children. Around age nine, my grandparents relocated my mother and me, to a house next door to them in a deal that my mother would take care of my great-grandmother (grandfather’s mother). She lived with us and would later die at the age of 102; her presence taught me many things about the value and priorities of life. After the move things changed rather rapidly as my grandparents present was exponentially increased. Due to the abundance of exposure to my grandfather and his strict ways, I began to go down a road of defiance to anything they said. At age ten, I was already cooking, cleaning, and doing my laundry, so it seemed
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