A Journey Of Leadership, Transformational, And Authentic Leadership

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A Journey of leadership: Enable Others to Act, Transformational, and Authentic Leadership
This paper takes a journey of one person’s struggle to acquire skills that during the course of his life reached the pentacle of sound footing in a career as Director of Materials and Management for a local Mining Company. A brief overview of the concepts of transformational and authentic leadership and motivation of enabling others to act, thru fostering collaboration, creating a climate of trust, and facilitating relationships during this journey. Through this journey, key vision of concepts will allow individuals to develop a perception of implementation of action to incorporate added skills to apply in their quest to be more effective in leadership.
Transformational leadership is about making significant change in and organization and driving this change from concept to conclusion with vision, trust, and fostering collaboration. That during this change employees and followers experience empowerment with a boost of renewed energy to exchange ideas and experiment with new concepts freely. In transforming people, a transformational leader involves him/herself with the followers to model the way in relationships that provide by example of ethics, values, and long-term standards of behavior for long-term goals and effect.
Authentic leadership defined according to Anna M. Cianci, Sean T. Hannah, Ross P. Roberts, George T. Tsakumis (2014) as “… leader behavior that draws upon and
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