A Journey Of Personal Growth : A Journey Of Personal Growth

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A Journey of Personal Growth
Becoming a college student has always seemed so far away; an eternity would pass before I grew up and became more mature. Yet here I am, a Running Start student who was given the opportunity to experience college at a younger age than is standard. Being able to start a little bit earlier has indeed been beneficial. At first, it was definitely intimidating, for it is such a different pace than what I have become used to; a slow paced kind of education. I have noticed that I am a fast learner, so taking my education slow was not really an option for me. That is why I took the challenge of more complex learning at a community college. After investing much time and effort, my writing skills have improved tremendously Coming fresh into college, there are a lot of basic classes that everyone needs to take. One of them is English 101, a class that is required for every degree that is offered here at Highline. I knew that it would not be easy, especially for me. I was never a good writer, for there was always something that I was struggling with, such as not going deep enough, or the writing being very bland. I put some of the blame on my past teachers;, their way of teaching how to be an effective writer was not effective. What they taught was very structured and did not leave much room for a student to grow.
As we come to a closing in this English 101 course, I can confidently say that I am leaving with much more knowledge than when I first
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