A Jury Of Her Peers By Susan Glaspell

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The Two Sides of One System

During the twentieth-century stereotypical gender roles were prominent when it came to societal views. The roles of the female were simply to be a wife to her husband and mother to the children. In addition, it was also a familiar practice for women to be confined to the private space of their home. As for the role of men they were seen as the primary supporter of the family for since they were the only one allowed to have an actual occupation in the public realm of politics and business (Merret 3). They brought home the wealth earned and thus were in charge of keeping a roof over their families head. Susan Glaspell the author of a novel titled “A Jury of Her Peers” illustrates the social standards of women’s subjugation while a case involving a murder mystery is in the process of being investigated and solved. Glaspell takes the reader on a journey of not to only tell the story of a murder will out, but to also ensure that women 's subjectivity is not only to the rules of societal standards but also by those of their husbands.

In A Jury Her Peers, the county attorney, the local sheriff and his wife, and a couple whose names are Martha and Lewis Hale enter the premises of Minnie Wright. The group ultimately ends up breaking into two separate assemblies of just females and males as they attempt to come up with a motive that explains why John Wright, the husband of Minnie Wright was murdered in his bed. From the beginning of the story as the two
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