A Jury Of Her Peers Theme

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In “A Jury of Her Peers” by Susan Glaspell, Mr. Peters, a small town sheriff, looks into an interesting case: the murder of Mr. Wright. Joining him are his wife, Mrs. Peters, and Mrs. Hale, a once close friend to Minnie Foster, currently known as Mrs. Wright. Once Mr. Peters is in the house he struggles to find any clues that suggest who the killer is and his or her motives, but the two women do. They find significant evidence that leads them to assume that Mrs. Wright is the killer. Although Mrs. Wright claims to have been asleep during her husband's murder, the women conclude she strangled her husband, Mr. Wright, as evidenced by the broken birdcage, the slaughtered canary, and the errant quilt patch.
First Mrs. Peters discovers something interesting about a birdcage. She says “Look at the door...It's broken. One hinge has been pulled apart” (Glaspell).
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Mrs. Peters notices that Mrs. Wright was piecing a quilt. Both see that the craftsmanship of the quilt is declining. One minute Most of the patches are neat and tidy and then “as if she didn’t know what she was about!” (Glaspell) they get untidy and the thread taut as if it might snap any minute. Again both ladies eyes met, which is an ongoing pattern in the story that symbolizes when they fully understand. The errant quilt patches lead the women to a clear killer because they have full evidence that shows that Minnie was distraught over the killing of her bird and finished with the abusive treatment from her husband that eventually drives her mad and we see that through the quilt. Minnie had decided when quilting how she was going to kill him by tying a knot around his neck. The two women know this verdict, yet continue to ignore it. Mrs. Hale actually starts to fix the odd patches. They give excuses for the bad quilting so that they can protect Minnie. Mrs. Hale keeps a calm demeanor and insists that Minnie was maybe just
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