A Juvenile Justice Case

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In case of John’s parents are unwilling to cooperate in the treatment programs, under the Parens Patriae concept, I would have to put him on probation in order to help deter John from committing crime in a future. In this report I will explain the reasons why.
First, John is not considered delinquent because this was his first offense and based on his statements, it seemed to me that John wasn’t aware of the consequences that would follow his actions and furthermore, John simply had a mindset that his action was normal and that his friends did it all the time. This would place John under the Social Process Theories. The explanation of Social Process Theories according to the textbook, (Clemens F. B, Stuart J, 2011, p.70) “Social process theories examine the interactions between people and their environment that influence individuals to become involved in criminal or delinquent behaviors.” John’s behaviors were the result of bad influences and that he has learned that stealing was acceptable as many of his friends did it.
Secondly, I would considered John as a victim himself because after reviewing the interview given from his mother; Joann, John would fall under the category of a…
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