A Knowledge Management Case Study of London Ambulance Service Computer Aided Despatch System

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Objectives of this Report:
This report also explores the various facets which contributed to the failure of the 1992 London Ambulance Service Computer Aided Despatch System and lessons which may be learnt from it. Both information systems and knowledge management initiatives share similar success factors for development and implementation.

Although there have been various literature reviewed, this report draws primarily on the official Inquiry Report into the London Ambulance Service Computer Aided Despatch System, (Page et al. 1993)[1] and any reference to “The Inquiry Report” in this report is reference to that report.

1.0 Data, Information, Knowledge and Wisdom
1.1. Data
Data may be viewed as the raw material
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2.3. Internal Context:
2.3.1. Labour Relations:
After a protracted national dispute over wages, there was substantial downsizing of workforce with no consultation with staff, causing a great deal of anxiety among staff and managers.
2.3.2. Poor communications and mistrust
Poor communications with the staff and the lack of consultation with staff had created an ambience of mistrust of the management.
2.3.3. Lacking in Management Information
Management information required by the LAS management for resource requirements and resource planning information was unavailable.
2.3.4. Disapproval of ‘outmoded’ processes
The management frowned on practices perceived to be not in the best interests of providing the best service, such as the practice of crews or the stations deciding which resource to mobilise to an incident.
2.4. Technical Context
There were complaints by staff about the manual system being error prone and slow in information transfer and ambulance status updates, which were definite hindrances to achieving the ORCON 3-minute mobilisation and 14-minute arrival standards.
2.4.1. Prior Computerisation Attempts
The Inquiry Report also states that the LAS had previously aborted a software development project after a year long delay because of continuing disputes over faulty software.
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